About Us

We believe in bringing value added services to your business to achieve your professional goals.

successDetermination of CFO needs:

  • Constantly worried about cash or experience cash shortages?
  • Losing sleep over direction of the business?
  • Working overtime on tasks unrelated to growing the business, such as determining what bills to pay, issues related to tax liabilities and preparing for meetings with bankers, accountants and lawyers?
  • Concerned about the security of your business and its finances?
  • Is your business failing to make adequate margins and profits to finance growth?
  • If you answered yes to any of these, you should consider bringing in a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Strasys offers CFO outsourcing services by providing business solutions through hands-on professional accounting and financial management. We focus on the finance and accounting allowing the owner to focus on the other keys areas of the businesses. We become an extension of the management team, learning the business and providing key information to make better more informed decisions. Provide strategic level information and guidance to allow businesses to solve their problems, make better decisions and drive the business (revenue modeling, cash flow analysis, growth planning, cost cutting, increase efficiencies, etc.). CFO arrangements are customized to your requirements and can be structured on an as-needed basis, contracted for specific projects, or for an ongoing role with a frequency that fits your situation and budget while adapting to changing conditions.

Strasys llc’s CFO services provide the following value-added benefits:

  • More time to focus on your core business functions.
  • More analysis and guidance in understanding the core business to become more successful.
  • Improved decision-making capabilities from clearly seeing the hard and true numbers of your business.
  • A sounding board to help you with those tough business decisions and help you clarify your business plans.
  • The comfort from knowing that a professional is overseeing, protecting and constantly improving the financial side of your business.
  • Assistance in establishing and implementing strong financial controls to increase profits.
  • Improved quality and timeliness of financial information.
  • Budget preparation and monitoring.
  • Profitability analysis by service or product line.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Assistance in defining long-range plans and the quantification of goals.
  • Cash flow analysis as well as cash flow management.
  • Development of company accounting procedure manuals.
  • Analysis of equipment purchases, expansions, etc.
  • Custom designed collection policies and procedures